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Translation is the communication of meaning from one language (the source) to another language (the target). Translation refers to written information, whereas interpretation refers to spoken information.

Translation derives from the Latin word Translatio, meaning “to carry across“: trans, (“across”) + ferre, (“to carry” or “to bring”). Latin> We can find the word trānslātiō in the nominative and vocative cases


Police Interviews

When being interviewed or interrogated by the police, every word, cadence and expression is important. We offer world-class translation and interpretation services in order to give law enforcement the most accurate depiction of the interview as possible.


These undercover recordings are known to cause confusion, but our skilled interpreters and transcribers know how to decode and analyze all spoken words. We will provide a complete write up of not only verbatim translations, but cultural interpretations as well.

Jail calls

Monitoring calls between someone jailed and the outside world can provide tremendous insight into a criminal investigation. At iVerbatim, we make sure to catch every word uttered to provide an accurate picture of each conversation. From interpretation to precise translations, we will provide the services needed so every inmate’s words are accurately persevered for law enforcement.

Investigations, Preliminary Hearings, Court Trials

At iVerbatim, we have 14 of years as court-certified interpreters for the Superior Courts in Los Angeles and Riverside Counties. We are available to transcribe and translate court testimony, trials, depositions, and witness interviews, for both state and federal agencies and law firms. Our experienced and skilled translators are waiting to provide exceptional and accurate work.

Police Body

Worn Video Recordings

Transcribing and translating officer body-cam recordings can be a tough process. From mumbled speech to less than stellar audio, you need a top-notch professional to ensure your recordings are transcribed accurately. At iVerbatim, we specialize in deciphering these recordings to paint a crystal-clear vision of exactly what transpired, including subtitles. Count on us for accuracy and precision translation services.

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